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Laura Williams @lauraw0107
13/08/2017 22:07:15
Da iawn @9Jessk9 @rachtaylor13 and the rest of the team, Merchaid @BroFfestiniog yn proud ona chdi! Dal ati 😘🏉😁 https://t.co/1cy3M71l8g
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Paul Spruce @TattooedGoose
05/08/2017 22:16:32
Brilliant effort by @BroFfestiniog 7's 5 games, 3 tries, made some tackles...missed some too and ran alot 😂… https://t.co/6R2fOsljiX
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Cerys @Cerys192
03/08/2017 23:17:00
Shakey-cam footage of tonight's Rygbifit Merched @BroFfestiniog Every week these girls get faster & fiercer… https://t.co/zGag2xXnwN
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Allan James @AllanJamesRugby
03/08/2017 23:16:49
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